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A Directory of Queer 'Desi' Blogs

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This is a list of queer 'desi' blogs. (If you would like to add to this directory, please feel free to write a comment below or contact us.) Some excerpts, images and descriptions have been also been included.


Across The City

"Soon, they were on their road trip to lustful love while I was in my vehicle reflecting on the beautiful moment and feeling so much for them that my heart was almost liquefying with love. Expressions and/or languages are different but love means the same to different people, isn’t it?"

Amma Raves & Rants

Anthropological Mixtape >> Harjant Gill

An indian gay unwinds

Aristera Says

"3 days of supreme bliss in Goa. Did exactly what is my idea of a fun weekend in Goa. Everything. Beer. Breezers. Daiquiris. Sangria. Grilled fish. Smoked fish. Fries. Fruits. Apple cinnamon icecreams. Flirting with strangers. Flirting with non-strangers. Now am back to this Bombay."


Being a Gay Hindu

Bombay Gujju: New York, NY >> Bechara Grad Student

"This all seems so scientific and well thought out, and then suddenly someone random will come and chemistry will happen and ruin this whole hypothesis and I will be left heartbroken - again!"


Catching up with the Bandwagon

"Your warmth against mine.. moonstruck waves kiss our feet.. unnatural acts?"

Cerebral Sparks

C'est La Vie

"My partner & I have discussed surrogate mothers and other such options available to us same sex partners. But we are waiting to reach a station in our lives."

Choosing To Love

Coming Through (Invitation Only) 

Crazy Sam's Bloginess - The Straight-Friendly Gay Blog

Crazy Sam hails from India and he is gay. He is not a serious blogger, but occasionally he feels like writing about himself, the people he meets, the experiences he cherishes, the music and movies he loves, the cute guys that catch his eyes... add a pinch of craziness to all that and you get a bird's eye view into his life through his blog..

Creativity, I Like You

The Desh in Me

"I was at a lesbian bar called T's last weekend. This story involves two girls who were sucking face in a corner every opportunity they got, thereby seemingly together."

Desi Femme

Double Life!

Engayging Life

Existential Crisis

Fat, Forty AND a Fag!!!

This entry is dedicated to the memory of Viraf - R.I.P. 

Fiction & True Experiences >> Sutirtho

"Boys were in front of me, they were in my mind, my heart, and my thoughts. Guys, guys everywhere, not a girl to see. It was paradise! I ogled at them, and I didn’t feel there was anything else I could do. Boys’ hostel is the best place to survive."


Freezing Flames

I was climbing down the staircase with a bunch of those typical straight girls after our class. A guy was climbing up and I really liked his shoes so I said, "Nice shoes." He smiled while the typical straight girls gasped and giggled and said, "Are you crazy?" I was like, "What? His shoes ARE nice," but I digress.

Gay Delhi Guy at the Crossroads

Gaysi - The Gay Desi

Guppie Talk

I *Heart* Bombay (and well..Boston)

"All in all a great time for me. I danced, I sang, I marched, I got dumped by a guy, I got asked out by this girl (“Are you “really” sure you can’t be bi?”) I can’t wait till next year..Inshallah we’ll be celebrating “NOT” being criminals next year…"

I, Me & Male

Impressions of a Confused Global Soul (and Other Tired Clichés)

"Gay people don’t automatically know every other gay person in the world. Just because I’m gay, don’t expect me to speculate about others’ sexuality."

I Thank My Karma...I am Gay...


Krishna the Krishna

Leitmotif by Ergo Sum  ☺

"One would be hard pressed to identify a gay man in a crowd of men; and the fact that Indian men in general are rather fussy about their appearance, visit their salons for facials and manicures regularly, and dress in the most fashionably form-fitting clothes they can afford, makes the task of identifying gay men here that much harder."

Living HIGH

Living Smile Vidya ஸ்மைல் பக்கம்

Men I Like

Monologues of a Gaay in the City

"Such a big city & so few gay guys, what a shame! I think the city needs a name change, a second time, from “Mumbai” to “Same bay”. Coz one just keeps doing the SAME stuff & coming across the  SAME guys again & again. I end up meeting the SAME friends over a weekend since we do not have anything else to do we decide to go the SAME party at the SAME Liquid Lounge, & guess what we dance on the SAME numbers."

Mostly Unfabulous

Musings by Sindhi King



"As Manish helped his brother up the stairs to his room, Shelly smirked at the thought of her half-brother being bed-ridden for weeks. After all, what could be a bigger punishment to a hardcore party boy but to make him chained to his bed … especially with all the Christmas and New Year Parties around the corner. “Serves him right”, mused Shelly."

Orange Peel Pie

The Original Me (Invitation Only) 


"You might call me a classical liberal, a moderate libertarian, or a Anti-Statist Progressive. Take your pick."


"It doesn't change you one bit for me. Why should my love for you change if you have one false eye? Well, I have a false tooth cap over my cavity on left side of my jaw. Don't punish yourself love by thinking it makes you any less than anyone."

Possibly Maybe


The Pregnant Thought - Inanity of a Gay BlogActivist

"I make it a point that I speak to college students, about me being gay. I'm sure some think of it as being over-the-top and flamboyant, but it doesn't bother me. I stand by my beliefs. How can we expect the society and people to change and count us as a part of the society, when we all sit hiding behind veils?"

P Spot - Being Glocal >> Parmesh Shahani

Queer Coolie

Queer India


Queer Media Collective  ☺

The Queer Media Collective (QMC) is a group of professional journalists who aim for a more balanced treatment of gay, lesbian and other queer issues in the Indian media and entertainment industries.

Queer Media Watch

This site archives information & news concerning the portrayal of LGBTQ people from India in the media, particularly the Indian Media.

Rainbow Rays

The Reluctant Observer

"I was gnashing my teeth at the blatant exploitation and was just about to change the channel when they aired a Coldplay song, and then Vicky called in, to say he was very happy with his 5 year old relationship with someone who was 20 years younger, and that it was a he."

Remains of the Desi (see category Queer-Desi)

Sex and Mumbai

Soul Ricochet

Talking Closets

Tirthankar Guha Thakurta >> Piku Is Fine

Unsung Palm, The

Who Invited You!?

Wild Reeds (Invitation Only)

1Body2Souls - A Gay Confession

A 30 something Mumbai gay man


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